Crossroads 2020

From Nuclear Legacy to Climate Change

Crossroads2020 is a documentary film project linking our Nuclear Legacy to Climate Change, the two most powerful existential threats to all life, through stories and accounts told by the survivors themselves.

You have the unique opportunity to meet Director Brian Cowden, in person, this weekend at the 2019 Nuclear Victims & Survivors Remembrance Day in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Mr. Cowden will be showing an excerpt from the film and will be interviewing survivors and families.

Ocean Camp in Year 2020

Educational Camp with Focus on Climate Change and Education

Jr. Ocean Ambassador Camp

The Camp will foster the next generation of leaders for ocean conservation in the South Pacific and around the world. By engaging students in essential learning on ocean sciences, communication and storytelling practice, and daily physical activity, the camp is designed to empower Pacific youth with leadership skills, instill a healthy sense of self, and build a deep dedication to ocean advocacy.


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